Founded in 2003, Yalu Industry Co. is a parent company of the YATTLL Industry Co. and Ceiya Technology Co. Yalu Industry Co. has been a leader in metal stamping, die casting and deep drawing for over 15 years. Quality and service at a reasonable price are true hallmarks of the company. This is not just by accident; it has been a long-term policy of the company.


Precision metal progressive stamping (especially deep drawing) and tools

Transfer press 
Precision metal machining
Cold forging
Zinc alloy. Magnesium alloy and aluminum die casting
Assembly for precision parts


Cables, eyewear, camera, medical, automotive, electronics, military, computer, home domestric, power, kitchen accessories, telecommunication, LED lighting, etc.


YATTLL Industry Co. Profile

YATTLL Industry Co. is the first subsidiary of the Yalu Industry Co. Its factories are located in Dongguan China and offices in Shenzhen, China, and Japan. The YATTLL Industry Co. is ISO 13485 approved and holds a CE & free sale certificate. We comply with the ISO9001:2008 and ISO 16949 guidelines. We work closely with our customers to establish their needs/requirements and then work to ensure that their requirements are met. 

The YATTLL Industry Co. operates as a prime producer of golf carts, scooters, wheelchairs among other items. We design and manufacture OEM and ODM for all our customers. Through our experience, expertise and extensive equipment, YATTLL Industry Co., we are able to provide new and innovative products to the market and service them well. Our state of the art technology enables us to make all our products smart and functional.

We understand the metal stamping is only a portion of the client's overall needs. To that end, we provide various assembly technologies and other value-added services to reduce overall costs, including welding, post-stamping robotic assembly, auto packing, pad printing as well as 100 percent inspection. 

At YATTLL Industry Co., we are guided by our slogan "BORN TO INNOVATE". Thus, we continuously strive to improve our production activities, enhance our position in the marketplace and emphasize high quality, new and innovative products for all our customers.

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