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Thanks to our engineers who is come from YATTLL industrial Co.,Ltd., we have great update upon YE246 power wheelchair. The result for our survey, many feedback that lightweight and portable are popular in the market, expecially in Europe and North America.

As a new generation of transport, it is mainly used for travelling in urban areas. It can serve as an extension of cars as well as a remarkable companion in public transportation. Moreover, it provides a comfortable ride for consumers.

As to car drivers, YE246 electric wheelchair is able to bridge the final mile from the parking place to the destination. Compact and light, it can nicely fit into the back of cars. In this case, users don't have to walk a long way from the parking lot. With the help of the electric chair, they will get to the destination at ease.

YATTLL new electric scooter design is going on, offering more convenience to urbanites is our ultimate goal. We hope our products would be playing an indispensable part in urban transportation in the future.

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