How to Choose a Powerchair

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People living with physical disabilities that render them unable to walk can now move around more easily and conveniently with the help of powerchairs otherwise known as electrical wheelchairs. When you start shopping for a powerchair, you may get overwhelmed by the many options.


At YATTLL industry Co., Ltd., we have been manufacturing quality power Wheelchairs and other similar products for the last 14 years. Although we are based in China, we export our products all over the world. The fact that we hold the ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO/TS 16949, FSC and CE certificates is a great testament to our excellent service delivery and quality products. We are therefore well placed to offer useful advice on how to choose a powerchair. Here are the factors you consider when choosing a powerchair.


Intended Use

Different electric wheelchairs are normally designed for use in different environments, with the big distinction being outdoors and indoors. If you want a powerchair that will be primarily used indoors, then it needs to be highly maneuverable, have a small turning circle and be adequately narrow. A mid-wheel drive electric chair is perfect for indoor use, since it can turn on the spot. On the other hand, a powerchair to be used outdoors needs to have kerb climbing abilities, be able to handle rough terrain and steep slopes. For outdoors use, you therefore need an electric wheelchair with more power, bigger wheels and a strong suspension. The good news is that you can get a motorized wheelchair that can be used both indoors and outdoors.


Level of Comfort

This will depend on the duration you will be using the wheelchair, your weight and posture needs. Those needing the chair for basic use can choose a chair with a standard padded canvas back or a high-back seat which are sufficiently comfortable. People who need postural support or pressure relief should choose a powerchair with adjustable seat sizes and customizable backrests. Other features can will improve comfort and posture support are a seat riser and tilter, seat recline abilities and elevating legrests. It is also important that you choose a chair that can comfortable handle your weight, a feature that will be highlighted on a powerchair’s specs.


Ability to Customize

A powercair will need to be customizable so as to cater for changing needs of the user. For example, a powerchair designed for use by a child should have an adjustable seat so as meet his/her needs as he/she grows. A good powerchair should also allow customization of essential comfort features, battery size, speed, wheel-size, convenience add-ons such as mobile phone holder among others. It should even allow the user to add their personal sense of style by allowing colour and style customization. At the end of the day, customization will also save on cost since you do not have to buy a different chair with changing needs.


Ease of Transport

If you intend to be transporting the powerchair in a car, you need to carefully choose one that is easy to transport. Choose a powerchair that can be dismantled or folded easily. For more convenient use, you should also ensure that your vehicle is modified to accommodate electric wheelchairs without having to physically lift the chair. If the powerchair is used a seat in the vehicle, then choose one that is crash-tested and proven to be safe in case of an accident. Check for any size restrictions on the public transport.

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