An innovative electric wheelchair you need to learn

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Camel lite YE246 is a compact, foldable, lightweight electric wheelchair. A compact, foldable wheelchair is for people who lead active lifestyles in convenience. Power wheelchair are easy to use and the Camel lite YE246 is easy to fold and most importantly, easy to transport and store. Weighing only 23.5kg when fully assembled, Camel lite YE246 can be folded in small size will comfortably fit into almost any vehicle trunk, allowing you to take it anywhere. With up to 11 miles worth of battery range provided by the lithium-ion battery in a single charge.

Do you plan on having a power wheelchair for daily uses like shopping, or is it primarily for travel on airplanes or to take cruises? Do you think your wheelchair will need to be able to be easily carried upstairs, climb hills or some other specific need? Maybe your ideal power wheelchair needs to fulfill all of these roles, stable and convenient for everyday use while being compact and light for easy travel.

Camel lite YE246 incorporates comfort into its design with comfortable seat and awesome structural design that can accommodate almost any body type and a 135kg weight capacity. Suspension system for rear and caster wheel will stability to your ride. Unlike full-size power chairs, Camel lite YE246 can fit in planes and on cruise ships.

Sometimes a little help can go a long way with power wheelchair. Lithium-ion batteries have better battery-charge and also offer better battery life over time, giving the YE246 not only range but longevity, in a much lighter package than the competition.

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