Can I travel on an airplane with the Camel lite YE246?

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Yes! You will need to check the Camel Lite YE246 in when boarding,to store it in the airplanes baggage compartment. You will NOT be able to check it in with the Lithium Ion battery connected. You must disconnect the battery, store it in the travel bag, and bring it with you in your Carry On bag. 

Lithium-ion battery-powered wheelchairs or mobility aids:

For lithium-ion battery powered wheelchair or mobility aids:

- Visual inspection, including removal of the battery where necessary, reveals no obvious defects.
- Battery terminals are protected from short circuits (e.g., by being enclosed within a battery container that is securely attached to the mobility aid).
- The pilot-in-command is advised, either orally or in writing, prior to departure, as to the location of the battery aboard the aircraft.
- The wheelchair or mobility aid is loaded, stowed, secured and unloaded in an upright position and in a manner that prevents unintentional activation and protects it from damage.
- A lithium-metal (non-rechargable) battery-powered is forbidden aboard a passenger-carrying aircraft.

A wheelchair or other mobility aid when carried as checked or carry-on baggage:

- The wheelchair or mobility aid is designed and constructed in a manner to allow for stowage in either a cargo compartment or in the passenger cabin.
- The lithium-ion battery and any spare batteries are carried in the same manner as other spare lithium-ion batteries are.

When traveling with your Camel Lite YE246, you need to follow the regulations listed above to disconnect the battery and tape the connector with electrical tape, notify the pilot-in-command (by way of notifying the boarding team/crew of the airline you're flying with) and stow the chair underneath the plane, with the battery disconnected. The battery of the Camel Lite YE246 comes with a convenient hand held carrying bag, which can be used to bring it on board in your carry on. Please do remember to tape the battery connectors on both the chair and the battery with electrical tape to ensure the battery terminals are protected from short circuits.

While the new regulations allow any size battery that is used in a lithium-ion battery powered mobility aid, such as the Camel Lite YE246, on board an aircraft, some airlines have their own restrictions that can limit the size of the battery to a maximum of 300 Watt Hours. 

The Camel Lite YE246 11 Ah Battery is 250 Watt Hours, and contains 19.2 grams of ELC (Effective Lithium Content).

About the specific airline policy, please check their official website to confirm.

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