The differences of Lithium battery and Lead acid battery?

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Battery is one of the main components to a Power wheelchair. It gives power to control system and driven system.But what kind of batteries should you choose? Here we list some differences of two batteries:

Lead Acid Battery

Economically, The main features of a lead acid battery includes:

1, Large Capacity

you may see there are batteries with 14AH, 24AH, 28AH, 35AH or larger.

2, Competitive Cost

Because of the low cost of lead acid battery, it makes most power wheelchairs or scooters are using it.

3, Easy technology

The producing technology is simple, and it's another reason that makes the cost competitive.

4, Heavy

Li-Ion(Lithium) battery

You can see Lithium battery seems everywhere: phone, remote control, watch and so on. And you may also see that the lithium batteries mentioned are small type. They are not the type we are talking about now.

Lithium battery has it's unique features compare to Lead acid battery, such as:

1, Eco-friendly

2, Small and light weight

3, Longer servicing life

4, High cost

So, when you enter a store to test a power wheelchair, you will find the Power wheelchair with Lithium battery is much light weight compare to wheelchair with Lead acid battery.

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