YATTLL Industry Co., Ltd.
YATTLL Industry Co., Ltd.

YATTLL Company Profile

Professional Electric Wheelchair Manufacturer

YATTLL is a new company that integrates R&D, production, marketing, and sales. YATTLL was founded in Dongguan city, Guangdong province in 2017.

And set up its branch office in Shenzhen city, Guangdong Province. The main products of YATTLL are power wheelchair, Remote folding scooter, smart hospital bed, and more innovative products.

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YATTLL Industry spends a huge amount of money on exhibitions and advertisements a year to attract and redirect buyers to your website, shops, emails, phones. This is your in credible business opportunity here with YATTLL.

Electric Wheelchair Supplier
Exceptional Quality

All products are evaluated and thoroughly tested for performance, safety, and durability. Our internal quality control put each item through rigorous checks and processes before shipping out.

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Reliable Customer Service

Part of YATTLL's excellent partnership program is spare parts for free offering after-sales support to your customers. We will provide technical assistance during and after the warranty period.

Electric Wheelchair Manufacturer
No Price War Policy

We do not tolerate price wars between our dealers. So whether you're a traditional DME supplier or planning to be an online dealer, we'll design a program for you. We protect our dealers' interests through MAP pricing.

Our Working Process

Take Place Order

To begin with, you have to order the power wheelchair. This will depend on the quantity. The company can supply the amount that you need. It is vital to place an order. This way, we will know your needs and how to customize it. Additionally, you will ascertain the prices.

Material and Production

After payment, the real work begins. Many parts of the electric wheelchair are made from scratch. It will be custom-made according to your needs. It involves raw material cutting, steel pipe bending, punching, radial drilling, and so on. When the components are ready, next step is to assemble the power wheelchair.

Quality Control and Shipping

YATTLL ensures that the electric wheelchair is standard. You shouldn’t worry because we have quality assurance certificates. After inspection, we will packages the power wheelchair, the packaging material is thick enough.Before delivery, you have to deposit the rest of the payment.