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Introduction to Materials for Electric Wheel Chair Series
Posted May,27,2023
Possible you may think that there is nothing special about wheelchair materials, and you can simply choose according to your preferences. However, it is not that simple. Currently, there are three mai...
Six Major Components of an Electric Power Chair
Posted May,20,2023
Electric power chairs mainly consist of several parts: the main frame, controller, motor, battery, and other accessories such as seat cushions. Let's learn about the components of the electric pow...
Types and Usage Precautions of Walking Aid Devices
Posted May,13,2023
Compared to a cane, a walking aid has more contact points and a larger support area, providing higher support and stability. Therefore, it can better support weight, reduce the load on the user's ...
How Much Does a Motorized Wheelchair Weigh: A Comprehensive Guide
Posted May,11,2023
Are you considering getting a motorized wheelchair, but unsure of how much it will weigh? Wheelchair weight is an important factor to consider when choosing a mobility aid. In this article, we’ll tak...
What Are the Features of Power Wheel Chair?
Posted May,06,2023
Wheel chair is a chair with wheels that can help replace walking, and is divided into electric and manual folding wheelchairs. It is used for home rehabilitation of wounded, sick, and disabled people....
Lightweight and Portable Motorized Power Wheelchair Makes Traveling Easier
Posted Apr,25,2023
We need to balance work and rest in our lives. Instead of staying at home all the time, it's better to participate in outdoor activities when we have the chance. Most of us have the convenience of...
Motorized Power Wheelchair with Shock Absorbing, Intelligent Speed Variation and Automatic Obstacle Avoidance Design
Posted Apr,17,2023
There are various kinds of wheelchairs available on the market today, but they cannot fulfill the needs of all elderly and disabled persons. With the continuous development of technology and the popul...
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