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Is It Better to Choose Solid or Inflated Tires for Electric Wheel Chairs?
Posted Sep,22,2022
Electric wheel chairs for the elderly have many uses and are favored by consumers. Electric wheel chairs for the elderly are constantly innovating in the selection of materials and functions. The mate...
How to Check Braking Performance when Buying an Electric Wheel Chair?
Posted Sep,15,2022
Technology has changed the world. With the advancement of technology, there are more and more types of means of transportation for the elderly to travel. Different people have different needs. While e...
Why is the Electric Scooter Wheelchair the Safest and Most Reliable Scooter Tool for the Elderly?
Posted Sep,08,2022
Electric mobility wheelchair is a special means of transportation for the elderly and disabled people with inconvenience. Many people are worried that it is safe for the elderly to drive electric mobi...
Which Kind of Elderly Transport Tool Are You Willing to Choose?
Posted Sep,01,2022
The travel needs of the elderly have attracted more and more attention from the society. Common travel tools include E-mobility scooters, electric power wheel chairs, manual wheelchairs, etc. So what ...
The Origin of the Electric Intelligent Disabled Elderly Scooter
Posted Aug,22,2022
The origin of the electric intelligent scooter for the disabled for the elderly also evolved from the electric wheelchair. The disabled are also an important part of our society. We need to give more ...
Are Lightweight Electric Wheelchairs Safe?
Posted Aug,15,2022
Early electric wheelchairs were generally bulky, and the joints were welded and could not be folded for storage. As the needs of the elderly and the disabled become more and more diverse, lightweight ...
Electric Mobility Scooters in the Industrial Age
Posted Aug,08,2022
Watching many elderly people driving electric mobility scooters on the street, keeping up with fashion trends, makes many elderly people who have not purchased them envious. Of course, these elderly p...
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