YATTLL Industry Co., Ltd.
YATTLL Industry Co., Ltd.

YATTLL Industry Co., Ltd was founded in 2017, as one of the many subsidiaries of Yalu Industry Group, YATTLL is the proprietary brand of medical products. As one of the most professional China folding electric wheelchair manufacturers, YATTLL was co-founded by well-known industry leaders and top Japanese engineers.

YATTLL has been committed to improving life quality by designing, manufacturing and distributing the world-class lightweight and foldable electric wheelchair and health care products in order to supply excellent China foldable wheelchairs and service all the time for the elderly and the disabled.


We moved to a new plant with more space and more equipment to ensure our quality and delivery.


We encourage you to apply to become a dealer and we look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship.

Purchasing Process

From order confirmation to production, we strictly control every link, truly realize one-stop service.

YATTLL Electric Wheelchairs Testimonial

We have been long time your customers and 

our customers enjoy a wide range of folding power wheelchairs 

and mobility scooters. Elderly and disabled people favor the prices!

Johana - Retailer

As an agent representing mobility products, I've had the pleasure of 

working with YATTLL for several years, and I can confidently say 

you are one of the best in the industry. Your commitment to 

quality, reliability, and customer service is unmatched.

Emy - Agent

I am always amazed at how fast YATTLL ships. 

I contacted them to order 200 YE200 folding electric wheelchairs 

and received them in less than 30 days, all of good quality.

Yuki - Brand Owner

I really appreciate how YATTLL took care of my business. 

After reaching out with a concern with my order, 

they quickly made adjustments and catered to my needs.

Isabella - Sale Manager

Merci beaucoup! My electric wheelchair has become my trusted companion. The ease of use and comfort have made it an invaluable part of my everyday life.

Sophie - User
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