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How to Choose Electric Wheelchair for the Elderly
Posted Jun,14,2022
For some disabled and semi-disabled elderly people, wheelchairs are not only used for transportation, but also an important tool for them to take rehabilitation exercises and participate in social act...
How to Choose and Use a Walking Aid
Posted Jun,07,2022
With the deepening of aging in China, the problem of difficult travel for the elderly has gradually aroused people's attention. In order to solve the problem of inconvenient travel, travel aids fo...
Types and Maintenance of Wheelchairs
Posted Jun,06,2022
Wheelchairs are not only an important tool for the elderly, the disabled and other people to carry out rehabilitation, but also a means of transportation in their daily life, which has a very positive...
Note for Use of Electric Wheelchair
Posted Jun,03,2022
Wheelchair is a necessary means of transportation for everyone with mobility problems. Without it, we can hardly move. Use wheelchairs correctly and master certain skills. It will greatly help our sel...
Advantages of Electric Wheelchairs
Posted Jun,02,2022
Based on the traditional manual wheelchair, the electric wheelchair is transformed and upgraded by assembling high-performance power drive device (motor), intelligent control system, battery, electrom...