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12.5 inch Back Wheel With Absorbing Ability For Electric Wheelchair

This spareparts of the wheels are suitable for all styles of electric wheelchairs from YATTLL, the wheels with honeycomb hole design, stylish appearance and good shock absorption.

Advantages of 12.5 Inch Electric Wheelchair Back Wheels

Improved Maneuverability: The smaller size of 12.5-inch wheelchair rear wheel allows for enhanced maneuverability in tight spaces. Electric wheelchairs equipped with these wheels can navigate through narrow doorways, crowded areas, and confined spaces with greater ease.

Compact and Lightweight: 12.5-inch wheelchair off road rear wheels are typically lighter and more compact than larger wheels. This reduces the overall weight of the wheelchair, making it easier to transport and maneuver. It also contributes to better energy efficiency, allowing the electric wheelchair to cover longer distances on a single battery charge.

Smoother Ride on Even Surfaces: While larger wheels excel at traversing uneven terrains, 12.5-inch replacement wheelchair rear wheels provide a smoother ride on even surfaces like sidewalks, pavements, and indoor floors. The reduced wheel size minimizes vibration and absorbs shocks, enhancing user comfort during everyday activities.

Improved Responsiveness: Smaller electric wheel for wheelchair provides increased responsiveness and agility to the electric wheelchair. Users can make quick turns and changes in direction more easily, enhancing their overall control and driving experience. This is particularly beneficial in situations where quick maneuvering is required, such as crowded areas or busy streets.

Why choose YATTL 12.5 Inch Electric Wheelchair Back Wheels

Quality and Durability: YATTL is known for producing high-quality wheelchair wheels. The 12.5-inch back wheels from YATTL are designed to be durable and reliable, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Reliable Performance on Various Surfaces: YATTL's 12.5-inch wheels are designed to perform well on a variety of surfaces, including indoor floors and even outdoor terrains. They offer a balance between indoor maneuverability and outdoor functionality, allowing users to navigate through different environments with confidence.

Customization Options: YATTL may offer customization options for our rear wheel wheelchair. This allows users to tailor the wheels to their specific needs, such as selecting the appropriate tread pattern or adding extra features for improved functionality.

Trusted Brand and Customer Support: YATTL is a reputable brand in the wheelchair industry, known for their quality products and customer support. Choosing YATTL's 12.5-inch wheelchair back wheels means you can rely on their expertise and assistance if you encounter any issues or require guidance.

In What Scenarios Can the 12.5-Inch Electric Wheelchair Rear Wheel Be Used

Indoors: The 12.5-inch rear wheel is suitable for maneuvering in homes, offices, hospitals, and other indoor spaces with narrow doorways and tight areas.

Urban areas: The wheelchair with the 12.5-inch power chair wheels  work well for navigating busy city streets, sidewalks, and crosswalks in urban environments.

Rehabilitation facilities: They are commonly used in therapy settings and rehabilitation facilities for smooth movement within therapy rooms and treatment areas.

Community access: The 12.5-inch wheelchair rear wheel replacement allows wheelchair users to participate in social gatherings, visit community centers, libraries, and engage in recreational activities.

Schools and colleges: With  12.5-inch electric wheel for wheelchair, the wheelchair users can easily move around classrooms, campuses, and educational institutions.

Public transportation: These wheels enable wheelchair users to access and use buses, trains, and other public transportation systems.

Travel and tourism: The 12.5-inch rear wheel facilitates easier transportation during travel, including air travel, and navigation in airports.

Outdoor activities: While primarily designed for indoor use, these wheels can handle some outdoor terrains like sidewalks, paved pathways, and parks.


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