Types of wheelchair tyres

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There are three types of wheelchair tyres for your choices, air filled, PU solid and foam filled or flat free inserts. The tyres will be a factor on how easily the wheelchair will roll over all terrain. Generally the harder the tyre, the easier the wheelchair will roll and turn corners. The softer the tyre, the harder it will be to drive the wheelchair.

Air tyres are fairly common on the rear of a wheelchair because they will roll over soft terrain easier and give a better ride than solid tyres. The disadvantage of air tyres is they will go flat if punctured and they will go soft even without any damage eventually. An air tyre that is under inflated makes the wheelchair hard to push and causes excessive wear on the tyres. Air tyres and tubes need to be replaced more often than solid tyres.

PU solid tyres are the best tyres for those who want a wheelchair to roll as possible but they give the roughest ride over bumps and ridges in the ground surface. The biggest advantage is they are virtually maintenance free, they won't go flat and they won't likely wear out in the life of the wheelchair. Solid tyres are most suitable for wheelchairs that are expected to stay indoors most of the time such as nursing home use, or using in outdoot with flat ground.

Foam filled or flat free inserts are basically air tyres that have a semi-solid core. The advantage is they will stay harder than air tyres and not be subject to flat tyres but still give a bit softer ride than a PU solid tyre. This type of caster tyre will wear out over time and have to be replaced on wheelchairs that have heavy use and would be considered a compromise between air filled and solid caster tyres.

For the most our power wheelchair, we are highly recommend the PU solid tyres first, it would gain more best experiencs when you are driving outdoor. More convenient and economic than air tyre on the maintenance. Glad to customized the applicable tyres in your local market.

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