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Why Purchase Electric Wheelchairs from Authorized Mobility Product Dealers or Retailers?


Attention valued customers: For genuine products, peace of mind, and exceptional service, we kindly remind you to purchase from YATTLL's authorized dealer network.

Do not buy a power wheelchair from an offline or online store that does not have authorized credentials from the mobility product manufacturer.

They may be less focused on running a mobility product business and there is uncertainty and questions about their future availability.

You will not be able to contact them for help and support.

They will not offer a legitimate warranty and most importantly, they will not have access to spare parts or be able to carry out any repairs when you need them.

Purchasing electric wheelchairs from authorized mobility product dealers ensures you're getting authentic products backed by manufacturer warranties and support. It also helps you avoid counterfeit or unsafe products, and you'll have access to expert advice and assistance to choose the right electric wheelchair for your needs.

YATTLL specializes in the design and manufacture of lightweight, compact portable power wheelchairs and mobility scooters. We strive to help people rediscover their freedom and independence.

We have been certified the ISO 13485:2006, and also has obtained many internationally recognized certificates for all products, which are complied with relevant European and American approval standards such as TUV, CE, FDA, SGS certificates.

YATTLL offers an unmatched range of resources dealers need to succeed. We are dedicated to dealer support with technical support, marketing, and online resources.

We are now looking for electric wheelchair and mobility scooters distributors in more countries.