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Most often than not, making the right choice of which power wheelchair to buy can become a herculean task for most people and this is majorly due to the fact that there are numerous types and brands of power wheelchairs with amazing features available in the market. This challenge notwithstanding, making the right choice of which power wheelchair to buy has been simplified for you. Below is a guide that will assist you in making the right decision with little or no stress.


This is the first thing you should put into consideration before choosing a power wheelchair. There are different power wheelchairs that are designed to be used either outdoor or indoor. If you intend to use the power wheelchair indoor, then go for one that is designed for indoor purposes. If it is for outdoor use then go for one that is designed for outdoor terrain. A major thing to look out for is the ease of maneuverability of the power wheelchair, indoor power wheelchairs may not be able to maneuver well outdoor. Power wheelchair that designed to turn or move in tight spaces need to have a small turning circle so that it can be easily turned in tight spaces, power chairs that have mid-wheel drives are also very good for tight spaces because they can turn on the spot.

For outdoor electric wheelchairs it is important to consider the type of ground the chair will move on, most of them can move well on smooth surfaces but on curbs, slopes or steep surfaces, the performance of the chairs may vary. So if the tool will be used outdoors where the terrain is rough, buy the one that best suits such terrain.


Just like motor vehicles, most power wheelchairs have rear wheel drive, there are however power wheelchairs that have front wheel drive and mid-wheel drive.

Rear wheel drive power wheelchairs are very common, they are stable and they work almost the same way cars work. This means that they are great for outdoor usage. The footprint of Rear-wheel drive power wheelchair is the biggest, thereby making them not easily maneuverable, making a ninety knee angel is usually difficult because of the castor wheel spacing requirement. Rear wheel drive power chairs are best suited for outdoors because most of the Cons that it has come from indoor use, especially when space is tight. They are also cheap and easy to use.

Front Wheel Drive power wheelchairs have short footprints, a small turning circle and it is possible to have a 90 knee angel. Although they are less common and not as easy to drive as the rear wheel drive power wheelchair, they have very great indoor performance and can get close to objects and desk.

Mid-wheel drive power chairs are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. They are a bit compact and can turn on the spot. Although some mid-wheel drive chairs may lose traction of ramps and bumpy surfaces, there are good ones that have all-wheel suspension mechanism which gives them a smoother ride and enable them to move on rough terrains without difficulty.


It is also important to check the performance of the chair and how far it can go. Usually, the performance is determined by the power of the chair, the level of suspension it has and the size if it's wheel. Wheelchairs with Suspension mechanism always provide smoother rides than those that don't.

Some power wheelchairs that are class 2 products are usually limited to pavement use and have a top speed of 4mph. while the Class 3 power wheelchairs can be driven on roads and have a top speed that ranges between 6 to 8 mph. It is usually hard to specifically tell the category of the chair you want to buy because most of them may not be as stated by the manufacturer, it is therefore advised that you check the battery size to determine the range and if the performance will suit your need.


This should be put into consideration especially if the user will spend a long time in the chair or has special postural needs. If the needs of the user are basic then a chair with a padded canvas back and a high back seat will be comfortable enough.

Most basic power wheelchairs have already set seat size, so they may not perfectly fit the user, there are however configurable chairs that have adjustable seat sizes as well as different ranges of cushion and backrest to suit the need of the user. People with special needs like pressure relief of postural support should go for the configurable power wheelchairs. Configurable power wheelchairs have different in but features that enable you to raise, tilt or recline the seat and also elevate the left rest.

Some of them also have stand functions which enable the user to enjoy the benefits of standing in case he gets tired of seating.

Ensure that you buy a chair that can carry your weight, power wheelchairs have weight capacities so go for one that suits your weight or the weight of the user. It is advisable to buy a chair with a higher weight capacity than the weight of the user, in case the user gains weight.


If the power wheelchair you intend to buy will always be transported from place to place, then it is important to buy one that can be easily transported. Although most power wheelchairs are bulky and hard to dismantle and transport, there are some that are easily dismantled. Most outdoor wheelchairs cannot be easily dismantled but some can be folded. Dismantling usually takes a lot of time and the frames are heavy to lift.

The best way to avoid this transport problem is to buy a vehicle that is adapted to carry wheelchairs without the chair being listed. Vehicles like this usually have ramps for easy loading.

If the chair will be used as a seat in the car then ensure that it is crash tested. If it will be used on public transport them make sure you buy the size that fits the size specification of the transport company. Compact chairs and mid-wheel drive chairs are more easy to transport.

Also, ensure that the chair you buy can be easily stored away without occupying too much space. Storing power wheelchair outdoor will affect the battery and reduce the lifespan because of the harsh temperature it will be exposed to. So ensure you have space indoor for charging and storing the chair. Also, ensure that the size of the power wheelchair can pass through your doorway.


There are different types of power wheelchairs with different control options some are attendant controlled while others have dual controls. The attendant controlled seats are usually manual and have a power pack attached to it which enables someone else order than the user of the chair to move the chair from behind.

There are automatic power wheelchairs that do not require external control to move, they come with a joystick that is attached to any of the armrests and can be controlled by the user with any hand.

The best type of power wheelchairs to buy is the one that has to be dual controls which enables either an attendant or the occupier of the chair to control it.

There are other special such as LCD screens for the displaying of information, Bluetooth and infrared environmental controls, chin and head controls as well as powerful controllers that can be fitted to customized power wheelchair.


If the power chair is going to be used by a child or a minor, ensure that you go for a pediatric chair that is fitted with the appropriate safety feature and can also be easily used. It is advisable that you buy a chair that the seat can be adjusted to still fit the child as he grows.


For most people, the cost is always the determining factor of what to buy and what not to buy. In as much as it is important to buy within your means, ensure that you do not compromise quality for quantity. When buying a power wheelchair the basic ones are usually less expensive than the customized ones.

Make a wise choice when purchasing a power wheelchair so that you do not end up wasting money and having the need to buy another after a short period of time. If the needs of the user will change as time progresses, buy a chair that will suit those needs to avoid going back to buy a chair whenever the needs change. If you are buying for a child, buy a chair that can be adjusted to fit the child as he grows bigger in size and height.


There are many manufacturers of power wheelchairs worldwide, but not all have a good reputation as far as the quality of their chairs is concerned. Some of the other hand have carved a niche for themselves in the market and are known for producing excellent power wheelchairs. One of such companies is the YATTLL Industry Company Limited.

The YATTLL industry company is a China-based company that has been a professional manufacturer of medical products for over fourteen years. Asides making quality power wheelchairs they also make CNC die casting, sheet metal, metal stamping, plastic injection and so on.

The YATTLL company produces fashionable, strong and durable power wheelchairs that come in different colors and have seat cushion positioning options and lightweight chairs. This company has more than fifteen designers that ensure that each chair produced is of top quality they never run out of new ideas and innovations to give the user maximum satisfaction and comfort.

This company has a flexible MOQ policy which helps the customer to meet the market gas. It also has over one hinders workers who have good customer care relations and track each order to ensure that it gets to the user on time.

If you are in need of a great power wheelchair that will serve you well and last long for you should go for the YATTLL company power wheelchairs.

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