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Basic Introduction of Electric Wheelchair

Electric wheelchairs are transformed and upgraded on the basis of traditional manual wheelchairs, superimposed with high-performance power drive devices, intelligent control devices, batteries and other components. It is a new generation of intelligent wheelchair that can drive the wheelchair to complete various functions such as forward, backward, turning, standing, lying flat, etc, which is a high-tech product combining modern precision machinery, intelligent numerical control, engineering mechanics and other fields.

Ⅰ. The fundamental difference between electric wheelchairs and traditional electric scooters, battery cars, bicycles and other means of transportation

The electric wheelchair has an intelligent manipulation controller. According to the different control methods, there are rocker controllers, and controllers controlled by various switches such as head or blowing systems. The latter is mainly suitable for severely disabled people with upper and lower limb disabilities. Nowadays, electric wheelchairs have become an indispensable means of transportation for the elderly and the disabled with limited mobility. They are applicable to a wide range of objects. As long as the user has a clear consciousness and normal cognitive ability, using an electric wheelchair is a good choice, but it requires a certain amount of room for movement.

Ⅱ. Product features of electric wheelchairs

1. Driven by lithium battery, the ultra lightweight folding electric wheelchair can be recharged repeatedly, small in size and light in weight, energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

2. It can be driven by hand, hand-cranked or electric, and can be switched at will.

3. Foldable shelf, easy to store and transport.

4. Intelligent operation control lever, which can be controlled by left and right hands.

5. The armrests of the Chinese electric wheelchair are also raised, and the foot pedals can be adjusted and disassembled.

6. Adopt solid tires, waterproof and breathable cushion backrest, and seat belts.

7. Gear speed adjustment, zero radius 360° turning at will.

8. Strong climbing ability, anti-backward tail wheel design.

9. The electric wheelchair has a high safety factor, intelligent electromagnetic brake and manual brake.

There are many types of wheelchairs produced by electric wheelchair manufacturers on the market, which can be divided into aluminium alloy, light material and steel according to the material. For example, according to the type, it can be divided into ordinary wheelchairs and special wheelchairs. Special wheelchairs can be divided into: leisure sports wheelchair series, electronic wheelchair series, Seat-side wheelchair series, standing wheelchair series, etc. Ordinary wheelchairs: mainly composed of wheelchair frames, wheels, brakes and other devices. Click here for the wheelchair catalogue right now.

Scope of application: Physically disabled, hemiplegic, paraplegic below the chest, and the elderly with limited mobility. Features: The patient can operate the fixed armrest or detachable armrest. The fixed or detachable footrest can be carried out or folded when not in use. According to different models and prices, it can be divided into: hard seat, soft seat, pneumatic tire or solid tires, among them: wheelchairs with fixed armrests and fixed pedals are cheaper. 

Special type wheelchair: mainly because it has relatively complete functions. It is not only a mobility tool for the disabled and people with disabilities but also has other functions.