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Design of Main Mechanisms for Multifunctional Motorised Wheelchair

Motorised wheelchair assisted standing device

Through the electric telescopic bar, push the two side rollers to slide forward along the guide rail, and then drive the front pair of effect rods to swing upward. The rear pair of rollers, due to the limited range of motion, can only make the other pair of effect rods swing upward. The rollers in the upper guide rail also slide forward at the same time, and then the lifting plate can lift upwards. When the body starts to stand up, the body will lean forward, producing upward and forward power. The body leaves the chair until the hip and knee joint angles reach the maximum value, making the body completely upright and in a standing balance state.

The lifting of this device is the rotary motion of the electric motor converted into linear motion of the rollers through device, which exerts a cyclic lifting and lowering effect to assist standing. The telescopic pole converts the rotary motion of the electric motor into linear motion, drives the rollers, and slowly lifts the effect rod to lift the lifting plate.

Design of massage device for motorised wheelchair waist

The preliminary scheme of waist massage mechanism utilizes the motor to drive the rear gear to rotate and then drives the front gear to rotate. Through the gear transmission, the two pairs of convex cams can rotate up and down to achieve simple massage and pushing functions. The upper and lower convex cams will not touch during the rotation process, and the rear members will not touch each other at the same time, so there is no problem of wear and tear. It can be mounted on the backrest of the wheelchair to achieve simple massage and pressure function.

Design of simple storage device for motorised wheelchair

The preliminary design of storage device for motorised wheelchair, including the electric reclining wheelchair, adopts the principle of folding bar mechanism, and a foldable and stretchable storage mechanism is made by using the flexibility of fabric, and the folding bar can be stretched back and forth through the axis sliding up and down in the guide rail, so that the storage space can be adjusted freely.

Control system of motorised wheelchair

In order to meet the needs of most disabled and elderly people, power wheelchair manufacturers adopt button control as the simplest control method, which is suitable for most disabled and elderly people. The electric level of several buttons is judged by a single chip microcomputer to control the forward, backward, acceleration, deceleration and stop of motorised wheelchair. The system adopts a single chip microcomputer to control the DC motor to realize the forward, backward, acceleration, deceleration, and stop of the motorised wheelchair.

With the development of society, the quality of life of the elderly is increasingly concerned. The design of motorised wheelchairs solves some practical problems. In response to the problem that the elderly cannot stand up for a long time, a standing aid device is designed to fully help the elderly to stand up. This work aims to improve the quality of life of the elderly and make contributions to today's society in helping the elderly.