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How to Choose an Excellent Power Wheel Chair?

Compared with traditional wheelchairs, electric chair wheelchair has made great progress, not only reducing the physical consumption of users, but also being environmentally friendly and convenient, providing great convenience for users' travel. So, what are the advantages of electric chair wheelchair? What should be considered when purchasing an electric chair wheelchair?

An electric chair wheelchair is a new generation of intelligent wheelchair that combines modern precision machinery, intelligent numerical control, engineering mechanics and other fields, which is based on the traditional manual wheelchair and adds high-performance power drive devices, intelligent control devices, batteries and other components. It has an artificial control intelligent controller, which can drive the wheelchair to complete various functions such as forward, backward, turning, standing, lying down, etc. It is a high-tech product combining precision machinery, intelligent numerical control, engineering mechanics and other fields.

Advantages of Electric Chair Wheelchair

  • Widely targeted. Compared with traditional wheelchairs, power wheel chairs are not only suitable for the elderly and the weak, but also for severely disabled patients. Smooth, long-lasting power supply and adjustable speed are unique advantages of electric chair wheelchair.

  • Convenient. Traditional manual wheelchairs rely on people to push and pull to move forward. If there is no one around, the wheelchair needs to be pushed by oneself. Electric chair wheelchairs are different. As long as they are fully charged, they do not need to be accompanied by family members all the time and can be easily operated by themselves.

  • Environmentally friendly. Power wheel wheelchair uses electric power, which is more environmentally friendly.

  • Safety. The production technology of power wheel wheelchair is increasingly mature, and the braking devices on the body of the car can be produced only after being tested and qualified by professionals many times. Currently, the probability of losing control of power wheel chair is close to zero.

  • Enhance self-care ability. With a power wheel wheelchair, daily activities such as shopping for groceries, cooking, and walking can be considered to be done by oneself, and one person plus an electric chair wheelchair can basically do it.

Purchasing of Electric Chair Wheelchair

Seat width

Measure the distance between the two hips or between the two buttocks when sitting, and then add 5cm to have 2.5cm gap on both sides after sitting. If the seat is too narrow, it will be difficult for the user to get in and out of the wheelchair, and the buttocks and thighs will be oppressed; if the seat is too wide, it will not be easy to sit firmly, and operating the wheelchair will be inconvenient, which will cause fatigue to the lower limbs and make it difficult to enter and exit the door.

Seat length

Measure the horizontal distance between the back buttocks and the calf gastrocnemius when sitting, and then subtract 6.5cm from the measurement result. If the seat is too short, the weight will mainly fall on the sitting bones, which will cause excessive local pressure; if the seat is too long, it will press on the popliteal fossa, affecting the local blood circulation and stimulating the skin. For patients with shorter thighs or hip, knee flexion contracture, a short seat is better.

Seat height

Measure the distance between the heel (or shoe heel) and the popliteal fossa when sitting, and then add 4cm. When placing the foot pedal, the surface of the plate is at least 5cm away from the ground. If the seat is too high, the wheelchair cannot be placed next to the table; if the seat is too low, the weight borne by the sitting bones will be too large.


For comfort and to prevent pressure sores, a cushion should be placed on the seat of the power wheel chair. Common cushions are foam rubber cushions (5-10cm thick) or gel cushions. In order to prevent the seat from sinking, a 0.6cm thick plywood can be placed under the cushion.

Back height

The higher the back, the more stable it is, and the lower the back, the greater the movement of the upper body and upper limbs. For low backs, measure the distance from the seat to the armpits (one arm or both arms extended forward), and subtract 10cm from this result. For high backs, measure the actual height from the seat to the shoulders or back of the head.

Armrest height

When sitting, the upper arms are vertical and the forearms are flat on the armrests. Measure the height from the seat to the lower edge of the forearm, and add 2.5cm. Appropriate armrest height helps maintain correct body posture and balance, and can also make the upper limb placed in a comfortable position. If the armrest is too high, the upper arm is forced to lift up, which is easy to fatigue. If the armrest is too low, the upper body needs to lean forward to maintain balance, which is not only easy to fatigue, but also affects breathing.

Other accessories for wheelchairs

They are designed to meet the needs of special patients, such as increasing the friction surface of the handles, extending the car box, shock absorbers, installing armrest supports on the armrests, or power wheel chair tables for patients to eat or write more conveniently.