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How to Choose and Use a Walker?

With the deepening of the aging degree in our country, the problem of travel difficulty for the elderly has gradually attracted people's attention; in order to solve the problem of travel inconvenience, travel aids for the elderly have become the choice of more and more elderly people. Elderly walkers can play a very good role in assisting travel, but the selection and use of walkers also have a lot of attention. If they are not selected properly, they may cause damage to the user's body. So, what issues should we pay attention to when choosing and using walkers? The following are our selection suggestions and precautions when using them:

1. Pick a suggestion

(1) The walker should be firm and of sufficient strength to ensure the safety of the user. Reasonable structure (for example: frame structure, triangular structure, etc.) can further improve the stability of the product; at the same time, to ensure lightness, it is best to use a light walker for the elderly to use.

(2) Pay attention to anti-skid design. Most of the walkers on the market are equipped with pulleys. The elderly's physical function is reduced and the reaction is slow, so it is difficult to respond in time. Therefore, it is self-evident that it is important to do a good job of anti-skid of the walker. To ensure safety, you can also choose to install a walker with a braking system.

(3) Pay attention to the details of the appliance. When choosing a walker, pay attention to the design of the corners to prevent users from being injured by bumps during use; in addition, auxiliary functions can also be configured according to the user's own situation and needs, such as lighting, storage, Bluetooth positioning, etc.

(4) Ensure the comfort of use. The material of the handle is selected according to the user's preference; in addition, the degree of compatibility between the user's own situation and the type of walker should also be considered. device.

2. Precautions

(1) Before using the walker, check the walker, such as checking whether the walker is adjusted to a suitable height, checking whether the screws are loose, and checking whether the rubber pad is worn to ensure the safety of the equipment. sex.

(2) When using the walker, the body should not be too close to the walker, otherwise, it is easy to cause the hidden danger of falling backward due to the backward center of gravity.

Of course, the most important thing is that when choosing a walker, you should choose the style that best meets the user's needs and that the user thinks is the most comfortable. Then, use the walker in the correct way to maximize its effect.