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Is It Better to Choose Solid or Inflated Tires for Electric Wheel Chairs?

Electric wheel chairs for the elderly have many uses and are favored by consumers. Electric wheel chairs for the elderly are constantly innovating in the selection of materials and functions. The materials have changed from iron pipes or steel pipes to aviation aluminum alloys. The functions can only be manually controlled before, and now only the controller can be used for electric walking.

Many customers have been asking whether the mobility wheel chair is solid or inflatable? Buying a wheelchair has always been hesitant, so consumers are struggling with which one to choose. So are wheelchair tires solid? Wheelchair tires have the difference between solid and inflatable inner tubes. Many solid tires are the most common type. They walk faster on flat ground, are not easy to burst, and are easy to push. Let's learn about wheelchairs and electric wheelchair tires together.

Ⅰ. Wheel chairs are suitable for the following diseases

Spinal cord injury, lower extremity disability, craniocerebral disease, the elderly, infirm, sick people, the correct use is very good. When choosing a wheelchair, the cognitive function of the patient and at least one upper limb with normal function should be considered, and the wheelchair can be operated with familiarity.

Ⅱ. Wheel chair tires include solid tires and pneumatic tires

So, which of the solid tires and pneumatic tires of the wheelchair is durable? Here I can tell you for sure that solid tires are definitely more durable. The solid type travels faster on flat ground and is not easy to explode and is easy to push, but it vibrates greatly on uneven roads, and it is not easy to pull out when it is stuck in the groove of the same width as the tire; The vibration is smaller than the solid one, the tubeless inflatable type will not puncture because the tubeless, and the inside is also inflated, it is more comfortable to sit up, but it is more difficult to push than the solid one. Mobile wheelchair solid tires have the following characteristics, you can refer to the following:

1. Don't be afraid of puncture, don't need to pump up, save you the pain of pushing the tire to repair the tire.

2. Good cushioning performance makes your driving safer and more stable.

3. It is not affected by the weather, and will never burst due to overheating in summer.

3. The difference between solid tires and pneumatic tire wheel chairs

In terms of shock absorption effect and comfort, pneumatic tires are better. From a cost-effective point of view, it is also a good pneumatic tire. Considering the economy of using the engine, it is better to use pneumatic tires. In terms of durability, solid tires are better. The shock absorption effect of pneumatic tires is good, and the push time is relatively light, and the solid tires are convenient and do not need to be inflated. It is suitable for the elderly who are inconvenient to cheer up.

Through the above analysis, we believe that everyone has learned that there are different advantages of pneumatic tires and solid tires for mobility wheel chairs. We hope everyone can choose a wheelchair that suits their needs, which is durable and comfortable. You may be interested in wheelchair manufacturers in China and get more information about wheelchair lightweight electric, ultra-light electric wheelchair, fully reclining electric wheelchair, power tilt wheelchair.