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Motorized Power Wheelchair with Shock Absorbing, Intelligent Speed Variation and Automatic Obstacle Avoidance Design

There are various kinds of wheelchairs available on the market today, but they cannot fulfill the needs of all elderly and disabled persons. With the continuous development of technology and the popularization of intelligence, the intelligentization of motorized power wheelchairs is needed to help the elderly and disabled persons to complete a series of tasks.

Design of mechanical structure of motorized power wheelchair

Power wheelchair manufacturers utilize a common wheelchair framework for the design of motorized wheelchairs, enabling the elderly and those with disabilities to easily understand the mechanical structure and the control of various functions.

Design of power part

Under the seat cushion, a power unit, i.e. the battery, is added to the motorized power wheelchair. The selected battery is small in size and has sufficient energy and strong endurance.

Design of shock absorption part

Firstly, a damping shock absorber is added to the rear wheel of the wheelchair, including an electric reclining wheelchair, which can greatly increase the off-road ability of the wheelchair and adapt to various road conditions.

Design principle of front wheel of wheelchair: adopt high-strength and wear-resistant resin for segmented design, each blade is individually equipped with a spring, and all blades are assembled into a circular wheel. During operation, each blade extends and shrinks independently to adapt to various road conditions, thus making the wheelchair run smoothly and achieving an adaptive mode for various road conditions.

Design of intelligent variable speed and automatic obstacle avoidance of motorized power wheelchair

The intelligent motorized power wheelchair adopts a pressure sensor, which calculates the compression amount of the shock absorber spring and corresponds it with the pressure on the sensor. In practice, the pressure value of the shock absorber under normal driving and good road conditions is measured as the standard pressure value. During the journey of the motorized power wheelchair, the pressure feedback of the shock absorber is fed back to the control system in real time through the pressure sensor and compared with the standard pressure value. The error between the real-time feedback and the standard pressure value may contain noise caused by interference in the detection process. Therefore, Kalman filtering is introduced into the control system, which uses the linear system state equation to make the best estimate of the system state and collect stable data.

The motorized power wheelchair uses a laser radar obstacle avoidance system, which can scan the obstacles around the wheelchair, calculate the distance between the wheelchair and the obstacles, give reasonable obstacle avoidance schemes, give voice prompts, and emergency stop at 30cm away from the obstacles when the driver makes a mistake.

The development of modern wheelchairs is constantly advancing towards a more intelligent and comfortable direction. With the transformation of wheelchair design, the functions of saving energy, shock absorption, intelligent variable speed, and automatic obstacle avoidance have been achieved, which is convenient for users.