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Note for Use of Electric Wheelchair

Wheelchair is a necessary means of transportation for everyone with mobility problems. Without it, we can hardly move. Use wheelchairs correctly and master certain skills. It will greatly help our self-care level. Do you know what the common sense of using electric wheelchairs is? What are the precautions for using an electric wheelchair?

1. Read the instruction manual

The manual can help you understand the performance and operation mode of the electric wheelchair, as well as proper maintenance.

2. Use batteries of the same brand, type and capacity. 

Replace all batteries together, and don't mix new and old batteries. Before you have electricity for the first time, you should use all the electricity in the battery before you start charging. The first charge must be fully charged to ensure that the battery is fully activated. Note that if there is no electricity for a long time, the battery will be damaged, the battery will be unusable, and the electric wheelchair will be seriously damaged. Therefore, check whether the power supply is sufficient before use, and charge it when the power is insufficient.

3. Lean back when the wheelchair goes downhill

Stick to the back cushion and grasp the handrail to avoid accidents. Don't lean forward or get out of the car on your own, so as to avoid falling. If necessary, wear a seat belt.

4. Check the wheelchair regularly 

Every electric wheelchair has its strict load-bearing capacity, so consumers should be aware that if the load exceeds the maximum load, the seat may be damaged. Frame, fasteners, folding mechanism, etc. It may also seriously harm the user or others, and also damage the electric wheelchair.

When you are ready to move to an electric wheelchair, please turn off the power first. Otherwise, if you touch the joystick, it may cause the electric wheelchair to move unexpectedly. When learning to drive an electric wheelchair for the first time, you should try it at a slower speed and gently tilt the control lever forward. This exercise will help you learn how to control the electric wheelchair, so that you can slowly understand and become familiar with how to control the power and master the method of starting and stopping the electric wheelchair.