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Operating and Charging Instructions for Electric Wheel Chair Batteries

With the aging of society, assistive devices for barrier-free travel have gradually entered the lives of many elderly people, and electric wheelchair products have become a common new type of transportation on the road. Friends who have been using electric wheel chairs for a long time may find that the battery is slowly losing its range, and upon inspection, they find that the battery is bulging. Either it is fully charged after one charge and loses power after a short run, or it cannot be fully charged no matter how much it is charged. Don’t worry, today we will tell you how to properly maintain the battery.

Do not charge immediately after using an electric wheelchair for a long time

When an electric wheel chair is in motion, the battery itself will generate heat, coupled with hot weather, the temperature of the battery can even reach 70℃. If the electric wheel chair is immediately charged when the battery has not cooled down to the ambient temperature, it will exacerbate the loss of electrolyte and reduce the battery life, aggravate the risk of battery bulging. It is recommended to park the electric wheel chair for more than half an hour until the battery is fully cooled before charging. If the battery or motor overheats during the use of the electric wheel chairs, please go to a professional electric wheel chair repair department for testing and repair.

Do not charge an electric wheel chair under the sun

During the charging process, the battery will also generate heat. If it is charged under direct sunlight, it will also cause the battery to lose water, causing the battery to bulge. Try to charge the battery of the electric wheel chair in a cool place or choose to charge the wheel chair in the evening.

Do not use the wrong charger to charge the battery of the electric wheel chair

Using the incompatible charger to charge the battery of electric wheelchair products may cause damage to the charger or battery. For example, using a high-output current charger to charge a small battery is likely to cause the battery to bulge. It is recommended to replace the matching high-quality brand charger at a professional electric wheelchair after-sales and repair shop to ensure the quality of charging and prolong the battery life.

Do not charge the electric wheel chair for a long time or even overnight

Many electric wheel chair users often charge the battery overnight or forget to cut off the power and charge for more than 20 hours, causing great damage to the battery. Frequent long-time charging can easily cause the battery to bulge due to overcharging. Generally, an electric wheel chair should be charged for 8 hours using a matching charger.

Do not frequently use fast charging stations to charge the battery of electric wheel chairs

Try to keep the electric wheel chair battery fully charged before traveling, and based on the actual range of the electric wheel chair, choose to take public transportation for long-distance travel. Many cities have fast charging stations, but using them to charge with high current may cause the battery to lose water and bulge, thereby affecting the life of the wheel chair product battery. Therefore, it is recommended to minimize the use of fast charging stations.