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Precautions for Electric Mobility Scooter Batteries in Summer

In the hot summer, what should be paid attention to in how to maintain the battery of the electric mobility scooter? In fact, charging also has certain attention. Here are some precautions for you to maintain the battery of your electric mobility scooter in summer to ensure the safe use of the battery, which not only solves the hidden dangers of safety, but also makes the battery life longer.

1. Mobility scooters allow the elderly to walk farther and safer

There are many styles of old scooters, most of which are composed of four wheels, which greatly improves the stability of the car body. The most popular and cost-effective electric mobility scooter is the electric mobility scooter. If we look closely, we will find that it has many similarities with ordinary electric vehicles, except that it has wheels, comfortable seat cushions, backrests and armrests, but with these transformations, it has become a comfortable old-age scooter, which is much more stable and safer than ordinary electric vehicles. Aging does not stop the dream of traveling for the elderly. The elderly scooter is the best tool for the elderly to travel, which has a stylish and beautiful appearance, comfortable space, a heavy chassis, a light body, and a longer driving distance than ordinary electric vehicles.

2. Instructions for the use of electric mobility scooter batteries

The charging time of the scooter battery is clearly grasped, not as long as possible, not too short or too long. Each battery has different power and charging time. It should be operated in strict accordance with the instructions of the electric mobility scooter manufacturer when it leaves the factory. It must not be sloppy. Reason: long time is easy to cause deformation of the battery, and overcharging directly damages the life of the battery, and even more serious short-term explosion problems.

Take advantage of smart charging devices. But there is no guarantee that the 100% charger will automatically power off when the battery is fully charged. Especially in summer, the temperature is high and the time is long, there will be redundant safety hazards. It is best to buy a smart socket, set the charging time, better charge the battery, and ensure the safe charging of the battery.

It is necessary to control the temperature of the environment where the electric mobility scooter is charged. The battery charging process itself generates almost no heat. Charging at high temperature in summer can increase the body temperature of the bottle, damage the performance of the battery, and even explode in severe cases. If the temperature is too low, the battery capacity will be poor and the activity will be reduced. The increase in the number of charging and discharging of the electric mobility scooter battery will shorten the battery life.

Electric mobility scooters cannot be exposed to the sun. Exposure to the sun for a long time can damage the battery too much. The sharp rise in the temperature of the power box leads to an increase in the temperature of the battery, resulting in an increase in the internal pressure of the battery and an increase in water loss, thereby shortening the service life of the battery.