YATTLL Industry Co., Ltd.
YATTLL Industry Co., Ltd.

We Are Here For You And We'Ll Get Through This Together

Dear Valued Customers and Business Partners,

As the global effect of COVID-19 continues to evolve, YATTLL is committed to the health and safety of our employees, suppliers, customers, and the communities where we operate.

We are closely monitoring the situation and working to comply with the guidance from public health and government officials.

As an organization, we understand the potential impact that this will have on businesses around the world and we are committed to minimizing the impact when it comes to doing business with us. We are taking action daily to adapt to the changes and finding ways to continue serving our customers and would like to take a moment to summarize some of the things we are doing to make that possible.

YATTLL Operations

We are operating at approximately 85% manufacturing capacity globally. We have evaluated our critical suppliers and currently, there has been a low impact on our overall supply chain. We will continue working to maintain a minimum impact on the overall business. Any delays that have been identified are isolated to specific projects, and those delays have been communicated directly to each customer. Due to the location and strategic function of our manufacturing facilities, we are able to continue meeting market demands with urgency and service. During this time, our manufacturing facilities are operating under strict guidelines that allow our employees to remain safe and protect the operational health of each location. In addition, all YATTLL facilities have increased protocol for sanitizing and cleaning to comply with the suggestions of the (WHO) World Health Organization.

YATTLL Sales & Service

Each of our sales and service locations remains open to support daily business activity, but are limited to a reduced staff, with no outside guest allowed. This will remain in effect unless otherwise requested by local government authorities. All sales and customer service employees are following travel restrictions and have migrated to holding and attending meetings via video conference technology. To support our employees and do our part in social distancing, many of our team members have also set up remote workstations and will be serving our customers this way. Engineering, Technical, and Sales Support continue to be available and we ask that you utilize our available resources by contacting us via phone or email, or by visiting our new website (www.yattll.com).

We will continue monitoring the situation and communicate any necessary changes as they arise. During challenging times like this, it is important to remember that we all have a common goal; for treatments to be developed, the virus to stabilize, for our loved ones to stay healthy, and for life to return to normal. That shared sense of purpose can help us rally to meet the challenges that we face. As we move forward through these unprecedented times, we will keep all of you in our thoughts and prayers. We believe that we can get through this together by instilling hope, putting people first, and working as a team.

Thank you for your support and for trusting us with your business.