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Which Kind of Elderly Transport Tool Are You Willing to Choose?

The travel needs of the elderly have attracted more and more attention from the society. Common travel tools include E-mobility scooters, electric power wheel chairs, manual wheelchairs, etc. So what kind of elderly are suitable for electric power wheel chairs? The scope of application of electric power wheel chairs is the most extensive of all mobility tools. Many of the current electric power wheel chairs are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, which can be driven at home and on the road when traveling. Compared with several other means of transportation, the functional coverage of electric power wheel chairs is also relatively complete.

1. E-mobility scooter

There are two types of E-mobility scooters, one belongs to medical equipment, and its essence is an electric power wheel chair plus a manual handlebar. Japanese designers have introduced a split electric power wheel chair. When the handlebars are installed, it is a scooter, and when it is removed, it is a traditional wheel. Another kind of scooter is the appearance of the small car that you usually see. At present, the relevant departments have been supervising this kind of car, but there are still many elderly people driving on the road. The biggest advantage is that it can keep out the wind and rain, driving like a small car, without a driver's license.

2. Electric power wheel chair

The electric power wheel chair is relatively safe to travel, and the speed is controlled at 5-6 kilometers per hour. Some elderly people may be too slow. This speed is relatively safe, after all, safety is the first priority for the elderly to travel. At present, in addition to the professional type designed for special groups such as paralysis and ALS, general-purpose wheelchairs are relatively lightweight. Lightweight wheelchairs such as YATTLL YE200, with a weight of 27 kg, can basically meet the requirements of daily going out, and it is not cumbersome to drive and store at home.

3.  A manual wheelchair

A manual wheelchair is the lightest and easiest means of transportation. They can be used at any time when someone is taking care of them, and they are easy to store. The disadvantage is that it is usually laborious to push by hand. Which means of transportation are you willing to choose?

Electric power wheel chairs are very common in life. Friends who have patients at home should learn about electric power wheel chairs, so that a lot of troubles are reduced in the process of use. Basic requirements for patients using electric power wheel chairs. In fact, every user should have the physique, intelligence and resilience to operate the electric power wheel chair safely. For some people with visual or intellectual disabilities, they must consult a doctor or therapist before using a wheelchair.