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Why Can't the Motorised Wheelchair Be Modified without Authorization?

Electric wheelchairs are an essential means of transportation for some elderly people with limited mobility and are subject to strict national standards. Currently, it has been found that some parts for a wheelchair are not only randomly modified, posing many safety hazards, but also sales are chaotic, and even some electric wheelchairs that have not obtained relevant licenses are being sold openly.

According to national standards, the speed of motorised wheelchair cannot exceed 6 kilometers per hour, while some modified electric wheelchairs can easily run up to 12 kilometers per hour. It is understood that electric wheelchairs belong to the field of medical devices and have strict production and use standards. Can they really be modified at will?

Motorised wheelchair cannot be modified without authorization

Some electric vehicle markets provide privately modified electric wheelchairs, which is not advisable.

Unauthorized modification may cause tipping accidents. According to relevant national regulations, the production of regular electric vehicles must comply with the corresponding quality and technical standards established by the country, and no one is allowed to modify them privately. Although the modified portable wheelchair has increased speed, the safety hazards such as reduced control behind the speed increase are ignored.

Modification will change the output power of the battery, the output power of the motor, and the braking system will not match, which is dangerous and may cause the motor to burn out. In addition, if the braking system cannot keep up, the consequences are also terrible. In addition to choosing regular products that have obtained national permits when choosing electric wheelchairs, modification of the motorised wheelchair should also be treated with caution. Although the modified electric wheelchair has gained speed, it has lost some of its climbing and parking capabilities, invisibly increasing potential dangers. If the wheelchair is too light in weight and too fast in speed, it is easy to cause tipping accidents when encountering uneven ground, crushing small stones and turning. The front wheel of the electric wheelchair is a universal wheel, which is difficult to overcome no matter what obstacles it encounters, and there is no protection in front. Once it falls over, it is easy to injure people.

The importance of the nature and purpose of motorised wheelchair

When choosing a portable wheelchair, consider the nature and purpose of use, and also consider the user's age, physical condition, and place of use. If you cannot operate the wheelchair yourself, you can choose a simple manual wheelchair and have someone help push it. For wounded soldiers with basically normal upper limbs, such as lower limb amputees and low-level paraplegic wounded soldiers with flexible minds, they can choose a manual wheelchair with handwheels or a motorised wheelchair. Depending on different conditions, the choice of wheelchairs is also different. Remember not to choose a wheelchair that is not suitable for you just because it is cheap. Choosing the wrong manual or motorised wheelchair can cause secondary damage to the body.