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Are Lightweight Electric Wheelchairs Safe?

Early electric wheelchairs were generally bulky, and the joints were welded and could not be folded for storage. As the needs of the elderly and the disabled become more and more diverse, lightweight electric wheelchairs have gradually entered people's field of vision. Many people think that the lightweight electric wheel chair is too light and the safety is too low. In fact, this is a wrong idea. Today, let's talk about what to pay attention to when driving a lightweight electric chair.

Ⅰ. lightweight electric wheel chair is safe and secure

First of all, the portable electric chair adopts an all-aluminium alloy structure. As long as the merchant does not cut corners on the materials, the strength of the aluminum alloy is high enough, so there is no need to worry about the problem of falling apart after a bump. In terms of safety configuration, anti-backward small wheels, shock absorbers, and electromagnetic brakes are also standard. If a lightweight wheelchair is not equipped with these safety measures, you must think carefully about whether you have bought fakes. In terms of weight, outdoor and functional wheelchairs with larger volume and weight are definitely more stable, but the design of lightweight wheelchairs is very mature, and the brand side will also consider lowering the center of gravity and adjusting the chassis in the design to avoid the risk of wheelchair tipping over.

Ⅱ. The skills of driving a lightweight electric wheel chair

Due to the lightweight and small chassis of the ultra light power wheelchair, several points should be paid attention to when driving.

1. First, the speed should not be too fast. In fact, electric wheelchair manufacturers have also taken into account that the speed of general road-type electric wheelchairs can reach 6-8km/h, while the speed limit of indoor electric wheelchairs is 5km/h. It is not recommended for the elderly to drive too fast, and driving a wheelchair is still the first safety.

2. Second, adjust the center of gravity up and downhill. Slightly lean forward on the uphill and lean back on the downhill to avoid the risk of tipping to the greatest extent.

3. Third, don't climb too steep slopes. The tire design of the wheelchair lightweight electric will not be too wide, and the gripping ability is definitely not as good as that of the road wheelchair. Although the electric wheelchair is easy to operate, the elderly can learn it as soon as it is learned, but in daily use, safety should be put first, remember!

Ⅲ. Electric wheelchairs are popular among elderly friends

1. Large audience

Compared with traditional manual wheelchairs, also called hand-push wheelchairs, the portable electric power wheelchair is not only suitable for middle-aged and elderly people, but also for severely disabled injuries. Easy to operate, electromagnetic brakes, stable speed, etc., these are all places that manual wheelchairs cannot replace.

2. Easy to control

In the past, manual wheelchairs had to rely on thrust. If there was no one around to take care of them and the hand strength was not enough, it would be difficult for the elderly to drive. The electric road is different. As long as it is fully charged and the controller in hand is controlled, the elderly do not need to be accompanied by family members.

3. Environmental protection

Like young people's electric bicycles, electric wheelchairs have nothing to say in terms of environmental protection, which greatly saves the trouble of maintenance of fully enclosed electric old age scooters like fuel.

4. Safety

With the development of technology. The production skills of electric wheelchairs will also become more and more mature, and many wheelchairs have been strictly tested by professionals. All products need to be re-inspected before they are sold. Therefore, the safety risk of electric wheelchairs is almost zero.

5. Self-care ability

With electric wheelchairs, the elderly can choose the range of travel according to the actual situation. Nearby community parks, supermarkets, and community activities are not a problem. A small electric wheelchair can help the elderly easily get it!