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Design of Motorised Wheelchair Sports Control System

To meet the needs of most disabled and elderly people, wheelchairs use two control methods: keyboard control and remote control. Keyboard control is the simplest control method, suitable for most elderly and disabled people, while remote control is suitable for people who are unable to control the wheelchair themselves.

Improvement of motorized chair

The improved wheelchair has multiple functions to meet the needs of various disabled and elderly people.

  • Keyboard control function. This function is suitable for people who can control the wheelchair with their hands. It is the most convenient control method, and various functions such as forward, backward, left turn, right turn, and stop can be achieved just by pressing the corresponding keys.

  • Remote control. Remote control is a major innovation of this electric wheelchair, which expands the mobility range of others to a certain extent, without the need for someone to closely follow as with manual wheelchairs. In addition, the user can also use the remote control to control the electric wheelchair themselves, and the advantage compared to keyboard control is that the user's hand can be placed in any position.

Hardware design of motorized chair

The motion control system of the control-based electric wheelchair can control the motor of the electric wheelchair according to the situation of the pressed keys. Wireless communication modules can also be used to achieve remote wireless control of the electric wheelchair, which can be directly operated using a remote control.

The following control requirements are as follows:

  • The single-chip microcomputer 1 performs level judgment on 5 independent functional buttons and remote control buttons, which respectively achieve the functions of forward, backward, acceleration, deceleration, and stop.

  • The single-chip microcomputer 2 performs level judgment on 2 independent functional buttons and remote control buttons, and the function achieved is to adjust the direction when moving forward, backward, or paused.

Mainly composed of front-end wireless communication circuits, single-chip microcomputer minimum systems, voltage-stabilizing circuits, button inputs, and back-end driving circuits.

Software design of motorized chair

The system uses two single-chip microcomputers for control. One single-chip microcomputer controls the DC motor to achieve actions such as forward, backward, acceleration, deceleration, and stop of the electric wheelchair. The other single-chip microcomputer controls the stepper motor to adjust the direction when moving forward, backward, or paused.

This design incorporates the use of charging circuits and voltage dividing circuits, motor drive circuits, mechanical transmission, wireless communication technology, and level conversion circuits. The control system controls the motor's forward and reverse rotation through independent buttons to achieve the motion control of the electric wheelchair. In addition, the control system also incorporates wireless communication technology, allowing the electric wheelchair to perform the corresponding actions according to signals sent by a remote control, providing some convenience for remote control by the user.