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Introduction to Materials for Electric Wheel Chair Series

Possible you may think that there is nothing special about wheelchair materials, and you can simply choose according to your preferences. However, it is not that simple. Currently, there are three main materials used for the electric wheel chair in the market: steel pipes, aluminum alloy, and iron.

Three Materials of Electric Mobility Wheelchair

In terms of comprehensive quality, electric wheelchairs made of aluminum alloy are of course superior. The aluminum alloy used for electric wheelchairs now is of high strength, which not only has the advantages of firmness and durability of steel pipes, but also is lightweight and easy to fold, avoiding the bulky disadvantage of steel pipe materials. Compared with steel pipes and iron, they seem to have no characteristics. When choosing the material of electric mobility wheelchairs, we not only need to consider the advantages and disadvantages of the materials, but also need to consider our own usage scenarios.

For aluminum alloy material wheelchairs, in order to be lightweight and foldable, the frame is generally made simple and lightweight, and non-inflatable tires are generally used. This brings about a problem that its performance outdoors is worse, both in off-road ability and comfort than the feeling of driving on indoor or very stable roads. Therefore, if wheelchair users use it indoors or frequently take public transportation, its lightweight foldable performance can be maximized. But if the wheel chair users hope to stroll around their residential area, enjoy the sunshine, and spend more time outdoors, they can choose steel pipes or iron material wheelchairs. The stable and solid "chassis" gives people a sense of security, combined with appropriate inflatable tires, which ensures the comfort of the ride.

From the perspective of usage scenarios, we cannot directly evaluate which material is good or bad, but we should look at which one can provide the greatest convenience and comfort. If the economic conditions permit, various combinations of wheelchairs or combinations of wheelchairs and electric mobility vehicles can be chosen, suitable for different needs, such as lightweight travel or attending meetings, stable activity near home, buying vegetables or enjoying the sun.

Choosing the Right Electric Wheel Chair for You

Most consumers are not very familiar with medical equipment products such as electric mobility wheelchairs, they only judge them based on the appearance or sales volume of online shopping platforms before placing an order. However, many users will find many unsatisfactory aspects after receiving the goods.

Most people often only consider portability from the perspective of purchasing their first electric mobility wheelchair, such as lightweight, foldable, and able to fit into the trunk, without considering the problem from the perspective of their daily needs. The comfort, power, endurance, stability and control of electric wheelchairs are often not realized until several months later after a period of use, when family members will provide feedback. Many users will also consider purchasing a second electric wheel chair. After the first use experience, they will better understand their needs and find a more suitable electric wheel chair, and most second purchases choose outdoor and road types.