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What Are the Features of Power Wheel Chair?

Wheel chair is a chair with wheels that can help replace walking, and is divided into electric and manual folding wheelchairs. It is used for home rehabilitation of wounded, sick, and disabled people. Wheel chairs provide great assistance to wounded and mobility-impaired individuals. Electric wheel chairs are transformed and upgraded based on traditional manual wheelchairs by adding high-performance power drive devices, intelligent control devices, batteries, and other components. People need to consider the functions of electric wheelchairs when choosing them.

Types of Power Wheel Chair

  • Electric wheel chairs: Power wheelchair manufacturers offer different specifications suitable for adults or children that fulfill various needs. In order to meet the needs of different levels of disabled people, power wheel chairs have different control methods. For those with residual hand or forearm functions, electric wheelchairs that can be operated by hand or forearm can be selected. The electric knob or remote control lever of this type of wheelchair is very sensitive, and can be operated by slight contact of the fingers or forearms. For patients who have completely lost hand and forearm functions, power wheelchair controlled by the jaw can be used.

  • Other special wheel chairs: For the special needs of some disabled people, there are a variety of special wheelchairs available, such as single-side hand-operated wheelchairs, toilets special wheelchairs, and some wheelchairs with lifting devices.

  • Folding wheel chairs: The lightweight folding walking frame with seat is the preferred type of wheelchair worldwide, due to its ease of transport. The frame and other parts can be folded, which is convenient for carrying and transportation. This is currently the most widely used type internationally. According to the different chair seat widths and wheelchair heights, it can be used by adults, teenagers, and children. Some can use larger chair backs and backrests to adapt to the growing needs of children. The armrests or footrests of folding wheelchairs are removable.

Functions of Power Wheel Chair

  • Autonomous obstacle-avoidance algorithm design: Based on a detailed analysis of local path planning theory, this project has designed an autonomous obstacle-avoidance algorithm for wheelchairs based on local path planning theory, which has high real-time and adaptability and fully meets the needs of autonomous obstacle-avoidance for power wheel chair.

  • Modular design of intelligent wheelchair multimodal control system: Based on the analysis of the functions of intelligent power wheelchair, this project has performed a modular design of intelligent wheelchairs, which is divided into mechanical structure part, human-machine interaction part, environmental perception part, language control part for obstacle avoidance, autonomous obstacle avoidance part, and driving part.

  • Design of obstacle-avoidance mode in language-controlled wheelchair: Based on the analysis of the principle of language control mode and autonomous obstacle-avoidance mode of wheel chairs, this project has designed an obstacle-avoidance mode in language-controlled wheelchair specifically to address the safety issues that may arise when the language control mode runs independently.

  • Design of wheelchair ranging system: Based on the principle analysis of ultrasonic ranging, this project uses ultrasonic sensors as environmental perception elements, designs ultrasonic transmitting circuit and receiving circuit, and designs a multi-channel ultrasonic ranging system, while analyzing ranging errors.

Wheel chairs provide a lot of help to people and are therefore widely used in the medical industry. In daily life, people can choose suitable wheelchairs according to the actual condition of the patient. At the same time, people can choose the above-mentioned brand of wheel chairs to ensure that they choose the best quality wheelchairs.