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What Kind of People Need a Wheelchair?

Wheelchairs are essential mobility aids for people with disabilities, without which their movements would be severely limited. Proper use of wheelchairs and mastering certain skills can greatly improve our ability to live independently.

Precautions for using electric wheel chairs

  • Firstly, before using an electric wheelchair chair for the first time, please carefully read the user manual. The manual can help you understand the performance and operation of the electric wheelchair, as well as proper maintenance. Be sure to read it carefully.

  • Secondly, do not use batteries with different capacities, brands, or types. When replacing batteries, replace them all together and do not mix new and old batteries. Before the first charge, use up all the electricity in the battery before charging it. The first charge must be complete to ensure that the battery is fully activated. Note that long periods of no electricity can damage the battery, rendering it unusable and even damaging the electric wheelchair. Therefore, check whether the power supply is sufficient before use and recharge it in a timely manner if the power is insufficient.

  • Thirdly, when riding a new electric wheelchair downhill, slow down and lean your head and back against the backrest, grasping the armrests tightly to prevent accidents. Hold on to the wheelchair's arms and sit as far back as possible, without leaning forward or getting off the wheelchair, to avoid falling down. When necessary, use the restraint belt.

  • Fourthly, check the wheelchair regularly, add lubricant regularly, and keep it in good condition for backup. Every electric wheelchair has its strict load-bearing capacity, and consumers should be well-informed. Overloading beyond the maximum load-bearing capacity may damage the seat, frame, fasteners, folding mechanism, etc. It may cause serious injury to the user or others, and may also cause the electric wheelchair to be damaged and scrapped.

Applicable groups for electric wheel chairs

Many people now have the misconception that wheelchairs are only necessary for people with disabilities, and that they can still walk without using a wheelchair. In fact, many people already have difficulty walking for an extended period but cannot accept the psychological impact of using a wheelchair. They insist on walking, which ultimately worsens their leg condition. To avoid causing secondary damage to individuals who have difficulty walking, they should be provided with a suitable wheelchair to help them with physical exercise and social activities. Therefore, people with the following conditions should use a wheelchair:

  • Basic ability to walk, but have difficulty walking for a long time.

  • Decreased walking ability, making walking difficult.

  • Brain problems that prevent effective control of limb movement.

  • Lower limb amputation or paralysis, resulting in loss or significant danger in walking ability.

When the elderly encounter difficulty walking due to minor issues such as osteoporosis or osteopenia, they should not insist on walking to avoid causing trouble for their families. Insisting on walking may also result in fractures and other issues that are difficult to recover from. Therefore, to ensure good health and a happy old age for the elderly, prepare a suitable new electric wheelchair for them.

Patients who have suffered a stroke or paralysis are confined to their beds for long periods, staring at the ceiling and breathing in the stuffy air of their rooms. They must endure physical pain and psychological torment, resulting in emotional agitation and prolonged psychological stress. To relieve the psychological pressure and breathe fresh air outside, and to enjoy the sunshine and social interactions, it is necessary to purchase a suitable new electric wheelchair for patients.