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Why is the Electric Scooter Wheelchair the Safest and Most Reliable Scooter Tool for the Elderly?

Electric mobility wheelchair is a special means of transportation for the elderly and disabled people with inconvenience. Many people are worried that it is safe for the elderly to drive electric mobility wheelchairs? For the elderly, what are the advantages of electric mobility wheelchairs over other mobility tools? This article only analyzes from the perspective of user's own control, and taking other tools is not within the scope of this article.

1. Electric mobility wheelchair automatic brake electromagnetic brake

A qualified electric mobility wheelchair is firstly equipped with electromagnetic brakes, which can automatically brake when the hand is released, and will not slide when going uphill and downhill. It saves the hassle of the traditional electric scooter and electric tricycle braking, and the safety factor is higher; however, keep your eyes open when purchasing. At present, many electric scooter wheelchairs on the market do not have electromagnetic brakes, and their braking effect and driving experience relatively poor.

2. Anti-dumping wheel for electric mobility wheelchair

Driving on a flat and smooth road, any wheelchair can walk very smoothly, but for any wheelchair user, as long as he goes out, he will inevitably encounter road scenes such as slopes and potholes. In certain circumstances, there should be anti-dumping wheels to ensure safety. Generally, the anti-tipping wheels of electric scooter wheelchairs are installed on the rear wheels. This design can effectively avoid the danger of tipping over due to the unstable center of gravity when going uphill.

3. Electric mobility wheelchair anti-skid tires

When encountering slippery roads such as rainy days, or when going up and down steep slopes, a safe wheelchair can easily stop, which is related to the anti-skid performance of the tires. The stronger the tire grip performance, the smoother the braking, and it is not easy to fail to brake the car and slip on the ground. Generally, the rear wheels of outdoor wheelchairs are designed to be wider and have more tread patterns.

4. The speed of the electric wheelchair should not exceed 8 kilometers per hour

Because the body of the elderly and the disabled is operating the electric wheelchair, if the speed is too fast, they will not be able to respond in an emergency, which will often cause unimaginable consequences. The general electric wheelchair speed is 6-8 kilometers per hour, and the safety factor is very high.

5. Differential design of electric wheelchair when turning

Electric scooter wheelchairs are generally rear-wheel drive, and electric scooter wheelchairs usually use dual motors. Whether it is a dual motor or a single motor, all operations such as forward and backward steering are controlled by the controller. Just move the controller lightly to dry it, it is effortless, and the operation is simple and easy to learn. When turning, the speed of the left and right motors is different, and the speed is adjusted according to the turning direction to avoid the rollover of the electric scooter wheelchair, so in theory, the electric scooter wheelchair will never roll over when turning.