YATTLL Industry Co., Ltd.
YATTLL Industry Co., Ltd.

Selling YATTLL Power Wheelchairs Make Mobility Stores Greater Profitability

If you are a mobility store, selling YATTLL folding power wheelchairs can lead to higher profitability!


Expand Your Product Range

Simply put; your customers are our customers! Which is the very reason why your business should be offering portable electric wheelchair to an already captive audience.

Benefit Your Business and Your Customers

As a mobility scooter go hand in hand with a power wheelchair. In fact, some of our most successful lightweight power wheelchair dealers are mobility stores that soon realized greater profitability by serving the consumer out of one location.

Let Us Help You Do More

Our folding motorized wheelchairs have significant growth potential in the market. YATTLL offers competitive profit opportunities for our distributors and agents. We provide business and technical support to ensure your business's success.

YATTLL Industry has been developing, manufacturing and distributing high quality electric wheelchairs for the global market since 2017.

If you're interested in becoming a reseller or distributor, please contact us today.