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YATTLL Industry Co., Ltd.

Why Are Wholesale Manufacturers More Suitable for Mobility Aids Resellers?

Finding the right suppliers is crucial for resellers looking to grow their mobility aids retail businesses.

The best case scenario would be to see if you can contact the manufacturer directly and bypass any intermediaries. This will let you get a better understanding of their products and get access to wholesale prices that are usually not available through product distributors or retailers. Going straight to the manufacturers could help you avoid any additional costs that a distributor or a retailer might add on to your purchase.


YATTLL is a leading wholesale wheelchair manufacturing company and mobility scooter manufacturer dedicated to bringing a higher quality of life to the elderly and mobility impaired, allowing them to regain their independence and freedom.

Our portable mobility aids are popular all over the world.

We are now looking for distributors and mobility stores in more countries. We offer strong commercial and technical support to help your business succeed.

If you are interested in selling our lightweight electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters, contact us today.